LED Lights

LED Lights


LED Lights
LED Lights (4WAT ~ 22WAT)

LED Corn Light, LED Panel, LED Flood Light, Ceiling Light, LED Wearhouse Light, LED Spoot Lights.


World is at its peak of consuming energy in every area of our daily life. Electricity has become a necessity and its ever growing demand is not only creating shortage but also increasing its cost. Deutsche power and its credible team has always been working on green energy electrical products and now has developed a product which can consume less energy with provision of efficient lighting to play its role in this need of world.

This is the time of evolution, halogen bulbs were replaced by tube lights and than tube lights were replaced the CFL energy savers, and now new generation is going to take its place.

LED a well known electronic component used in everyday life is put to do the job. The best engineers in the world have worked hard to achieve the goal to use this wonderful component to produce bright light for daily life applications. The use of LED not only improve bright light efficiency but also make the product durable and long lasting as its average life span depending upon quality is 50000 hours secondly also saves electrical power by emitting high lumens with less current drain. General CFL technology provides 50-70lm/watt while use of LED can provide 70-110lm/watt light depending upon the chip used. This is a saving up to 50% of electricity cost on the other hand CFL general Life span is 6000-8000 hours which leads a life span of 18 months generally. LED average life span 50000 hours make it useful for more than 10 years.

LEDs are available in multiple sizes so they have a vast range of applications. It can be used as decorative light, also can be used to build a nicely lit environment and can be used to make a flood light. Deutsche Power has accomplished its mission to provide a product of every customer’s requirements. The standard products can b considered as an example of variety and customized solutions are also available on request if possible.

The demand can be differentiated in two types’ commercial use and domestic. Our products are fully capable of handling both aspects. Ceiling lights, ware house lights, spot lights and flood lights are specially designed for commercial use and on the same time customer can also find their usage in a house such as spot light to fulfill his decorative needs. Corn lights are best replacement for energy saver CFLs for domestic use.


DP Electronics has what you need or residential and commercial LED tube lighting.
LED tube lighting is friendly to both the environment and your wallet.
LED Lighting Inc. has a wide selection of LED tube lights including T8 tube lights, T5 tube lights, and T8 U bend lights to illuminate any residential and commercial space.
Long lasting and energy efficient, LED tube lights are the perfecta addition to your home or business.
Reduce your energy costs and bring technology to light with tube lights from DP Electronics.

Product Features

Easily to replace traditional fluorescent tubes.

No UV, IR, mercury or other hazardous substance.

Better Heat Sink compared with DIP LED Tubes.

Working 24 hours per day, saving 22W*24hous per day Caps Rotated/Fixed/Regular Option

Available Frosted/ White/ Transparent option Available

Operating Voltage 100 to 260 Instantly turns on, no flickering and interference.

Our 18 Watt LED 4 Ft T8 LED Tube Light can replace 40W fluorescent.

Main Material : Aluminium inner pipe + PC Cover Built-In LED Driver for Efficient performance

Life Spans : 50000 Hours EPISTAR LED

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- Charles Mingus