AVR / Stablizer

Titan AVR / Stablizer


TITAN AVR/Stablizer 500VA to 10000VA
Titan AVR / Stablizer - 500VA to 10000VA

1. Toroidal Transformer: High Efficient Toroidal Auto Transformer FOr Efficient Regulator Performance.

2. Input Voltage Range: All Titan AVR have Input Voltage Range. 100-260Vac.

3. Automatic Voltage Regulator: Automatically regulate the input voltage to a more stable level for your appliances to avoid damages to the appliances.

4. Microprocessor Control: By means of innovative software control programs, the complicated hardware circuitry in inlaid in the powerful microprocessor. Apart from reduce size, it also lowers the defective rate af AVR and the accuracy in theregulations.

5. Voltage Display: Through a DIgital Voltage meter shows the output voltage of the device.

6. Delay Time: Upon the switching on or resuming from the protections, the AVR will wait 6 or 180 seconds before it give output voltage.

7. Operation Principal: The CPU Based intelligent circuit samples the voltage and controls the action of the relays and opnening og the tap of the transformer in a proper combination to adjust the output voltage.

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